Proca.Service.Mailjet (proca v3.3.1)

Mailjet Email Backend

Template ids (refs) are integers


  • Use transactional templates (not campaign)
  • Test thoroughly with their preview - MJ provides no debugging otherwise (just HTTP500 on send)
  • Fields can have underscores
  • Use {{var:foo_bar:"default"}} even with an empty default!
  • You cannot use default in some places: for example in attributes (href value).
  • You can conditionally show a block: use foo:"" in the field - but you need to use “greater then” + start of the string - no way to input “not empty” condition
  • The links prohibit use of default "" - so you must provide or hide it.
  • Use {% if var:givenname:"" %} and {% endif %} for conditional block

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put_template(email, tmpl)