Proca.Stage.Requeue (proca v3.4.1)

Tools to re-queue action directly into custom or delivery queue

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requeue(action, destination, org)


  • :email_supporter - either confirmation or thank you email depending on processing status
  • :custom_supporter_confirm
  • :custom_action_confirm
  • :custom_action_deliver
  • :sqs
  • :webhook
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routing_key(arg1, arg2, arg3)


    __meta__: term(),
    action_page: %{
      org: %Proca.Org{
        __meta__: term(),
        action_pages: term(),
        action_schema_version: term(),
        campaigns: term(),
        config: term(),
        contact_schema: term(),
        custom_action_confirm: term(),
        custom_action_deliver: term(),
        custom_event_deliver: term(),
        custom_supporter_confirm: term(),
        detail_backend: term(),
        detail_backend_id: term(),
        doi_thank_you: term(),
        email_backend: term(),
        email_backend_id: term(),
        email_from: term(),
        event_backend: term(),
        event_backend_id: term(),
        high_security: term(),
        id: term(),
        inserted_at: term(),
        name: term(),
        public_keys: term(),
        push_backend: term(),
        push_backend_id: term(),
        services: term(),
        staffers: term(),
        storage_backend: term(),
        storage_backend_id: term(),
        supporter_confirm: term(),
        supporter_confirm_template: term(),
        title: term(),
        updated_at: term()
    action_page_id: term(),
    action_type: term(),
    campaign: term(),
    campaign_id: term(),
    donation: term(),
    fields: term(),
    id: term(),
    inserted_at: term(),
    messages: term(),
    processing_status: term(),
    ref: term(),
    source: term(),
    source_id: term(),
    supporter: term(),
    supporter_id: term(),
    testing: term(),
    updated_at: term(),
    with_consent: term()
) :: String.t() | :bad_stage_destination